Rockchip-bsp build with no console after u-boot


I would like to change out the OS by gentoo, to have it similar to my other 6 K8s nodes.
I have already build an image which is running, with the rockchip-bsp repo and informations.
But console output is stops after “kernel starting”, and the tty file is not present on the linaro Filesystem when booted.
Which configuration do I have to change to get console output after u-Boot going.

I connected a screen to the HDMI output, but screen stays black.
These cm3s are running on a turing pi 2 whith raspberrypi-cm4 adapter cards. But I do have a radxa cm3-io board here also.
That also means that, if the system is not working after changes, I have to reflash with radxa-cm3-io Board with an sdcard, and than flash again from the sdcard to emmc. Makes it costly to go by trial and error.

I mean, I build an image by documentation, still untouched at that point, and I dont get more output than u-boot.
Maybe the text above may be missunderstood, but I am sure somebody has a solution to that problem, as the image wouldn’t be usable for debugging.

Could you help me out here please?

I’m getting confused here.

First off, I do not know there is an adapter to convert RPI CM3 form factor to RPi CM4 form factor. I do know something from the other direction:

If you can sent a picture of your setup that will greatly help me.

Also, please be aware CM3S has its own image. Please make sure you are using images from Currently we only support Debian system.

I am using CM3 cards, klick them onto raspberrycm4io cards and plug them into the turing pi. We are talking about the same I think. The CM3s came up because I meant the 2 of them.

That you do not support other OSs that much is fine by me, but the image with the debian system, strait build by the readme, is not debugable because the UART console is getting dark after u-boot. That should be in your responsibillity.

Please download the image from then. Also please remember the UART console for CM3 is 1.5M baud instead of 115200.