Rock3 Model A - peripheral compatibility

can I use these two components for Rock3 Model A?
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  1. SSD M.2

(SSD) Solid state drive M.2 120Gb Kingfast F6M.2 2280 SATA KF2310DCS23BF-120 550/400 MB / S

To the chosen oneComparison

(SSD) Solid State Drive M.2 120Gb Kingfast F6M.2 2280 SATA KF2310DCS23BF-120 550/400 MB/S|659x440]
The photo is given to illustrate the shape and size and may have slight differences in appearance (inscriptions, logos, stickers) from real goods.

Basic characteristics
Interface M.2 2280 SATA
Dimensions (W * H * G) 22 * 80 * 2 mm
Weight less than 40 g.
Volume 120 GB
Type of flash memory TLC NAND Flash
Speed characteristics
Sequential reading Up to 560MB / s
Consistent record Up to 457MB / s
Random reading Up to 25,500 Operations per second
Random record Up to 62887 Operations per second
Answer time 0.1ms
Power consumption
In standby mode 0.3W
Peak load 70 mV (peak to peak)
Maximum recorded bytes (TBW) 109TB
The longevity of the overwrite 3.3 years when rewriting 100GB / day
Long-term reading endlessly
Average output for failure More than 2,000,000 hours
Data storage Over 20 years at 25 ° C
Data destruction Not supported
Data recovery when shutting off Supports
Storage temperature -40 ~ 85 ° C
Operating temperature -0 ~ 70 ° C
Humidity 5% ~ 95%
Vibration 20G (10 to 2000Hz)
Hit 1500G at 0.5ms

The display pinout and connector is not compatible with ROCK 3A. You should search for Raspberry Pi DSI display.

The SSD is SATA, not NVMe, it’s not compatible either.

I have another problem. I insert the SD card (rock-3a-debian-buster-xfce4-arm64-20220501-0159-gpt.img.xz) and connect the source, the green and blue lights come on. Text output was visible on the monitor. Rock3 rebooted about twice (similar to Rasberry PI 4) and the lights are off, Rock3 is inactive. What can I do?

what power adapter are you using?

the first source was for Raspberry PI 4. (voltage 5V)
The second source had a maximum of 12V.

I will have this source tomorrow: 3-6-6v-3a-6-9v-2a-9-12v-1-5-2x-5v-2-1a-white

Later I will have this: