Rock S0/Rock Pi S Audio [RK3308B-S] kernel 6.1.x

Hi Radxa Team,
after spending about 2 weeks to make audio inputs on Rock S0, i would like to ask you about some inputs:

  1. Do you have integrated DTS + drivers and codecs for RK3308B-S?
  2. Where i can find patch delivery from Rockchip for RK3308B-S?

I did compare Rockchip 5.10 kernel stream and it looks like there are a lot driver fixes and new codec version referred as version “c”. I did added it but looks like there is some general problem with clocks and inconsistency between RK3308 and RK3308B-S.

Rock S0 + 1x I2S microphone.

Used channel: I2S0_8CH

Used release: radxa-repo/bsp stable +custom kernel with enabled I2S0_8CH in DTS.