Rock Pro Operating System Questions

Hi everyone,

First of all, I am glad to be here I have radxa rock pro which is very durable card. I want to build some application on it so I have some questions to this community.

Firstly I have built boot.img and rootfs a few years ago with official radxa tutorials(kernel version was 3.0.36 and rootfs was linaro) and those files are gone. I was developed an application in qt with qt4.8.6 and qwt libraries. Now I need to add some features to my app and I dont need to update qt version or qwt version(but It would be good if possible to update new kernel and qt version ). Now I looked into generating boot.img and rootfs rockhip linux github repository havent updated so I found some tools called buildroot and yocto for that. My question is: Could I generate boot.img and rootfs for rock pro with one of those tools? And If answer is yes: Should I use latest qt version and kernel or could I use qt4.8.6 and kernel 3.0.36 ?
Any help would be appreciated.