Rock PI4c TwisterOS install succesfully?

Hi all,
I just have my new card and I’m not sure of my Twister OS install.
I have downloaded the leastest version 2.0.3, and change the armbianEnv.txt with the Rock Pi4c file.
But when i’m launching a terminal and SSH, i see Rock Pi4B.
If i do neofetch, i have the 4c in the host name.
I did something wrong?

Regards, this is normal. TwisterOS Armbian 2.0.3 is build with RockPi4B as default.
If you want your system to be recognized as RockPi4C, You have to head into Synaptic Package Manager with sudo, and install the appropriate packages for your RockPi4C
then remove the rockpi4b one’s
If you need further assistance with these steps you can join our discord channel:


Thx for the Help :smile: