Rock PI4c MIPI DSI not working

I’m using this panel:
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  • rockpi4c_ubuntu_focal_minimal_arm64_20200820_1207-gpt.img
  • rockpi4c_debian_stretch_desktop_arm64_20200716_0647-gpt.img

does not work with the Raspberry PI Touchscreen. The OSOYOO panel works fine if connected to Raspberry PI 3B+.
Any solutions?

4C is a little bit different because rk3399 has only two video output engine and we used for hdmi and dp by default. The overlay should be updated for that(to disable the dp and enable the mipi). @Stephen will update it.

Hello Jack,
Thanks for your answer :mild_smile: Is it possible to publish the overlay source so I can compile the overlay with dtc to create the dtbo file. I saw the use of the dsi bridge kernel driver ‘panel-toshiba-tc358762.c’ (driver name ‘bridge-tc358762-dsi’) in the kernel 4.4x of the ASUS Tinkerboard-s. The touchscreen input kernel driver is the i2c kernel driver edt_ft5x06. Thanks in advance.

The overlay source is available here:

You need to adapt it to the 4c dts adding disabling the DP.

For several days now, I’ve been trying to get a MIPI DSI touch screen to work with my rockpi 4c, but with no real success so far. I’m really interested in the information because I’ve exhausted all the tracks.

I have this screen but it’s like 7-inch rpi lcd screens.

I found this commit that I find interesting

I’m cloning the repository to compile the kernel, to get the overlay, but I have little hope. I usually use dietpi rather than armbian (even if in both cases the base is common), the screen always stays black.

Thanks !