Rock Pi4 height with native big heatsink? And pcie extension question


I’d like to know height of the RockPi4 with RockPi 4 official heatsink attached, that is distance between outer edge of heatsink and highest point of the board (top of usb3.0 port I assume). Sadly I can’t find this information anywhere, and it is very important for my project, so I ask Rock Pi community for help.

My other question - are there any caveats using m.2 nvme to pcie riser? I want to mount a pcie 4-port or possibly 6-port sata controller in it. E.g. can it backfeed power into RockPi thus damaging it, or should it be OK to use?

Roughly 33mm,

CAD Files available on wiki page


@LoNiX thank you very much!


I am also interested in PCI capabilities of this board.

Can I use m.2 to PCIe riser to connect something like a network PCI card to Rock Pi 4?

Yes, you can but only support PCIe card, not PCI card. Just check the power of the PCIe card, we have only 3.3V on the m.2 connector, if the PCIe card needs 5V or 12V, then you need external power for the PCIe card.

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