Rock pi4 can not use its own wifi




What does “yes” mean? Did you type in User Name : linaro and then
Password : linaro as well and it doesn’t work?


Yes, you can’t enter the desktop.


And what does that mean again? Your password is wrong? The user name is unknown? Do you see that you enter something? Are name and password accepted, but then what happens? Your screen will turn black, or or or or …

This is really no fun with you!


Ok, I don’t want to set up the desktop. I won’t bother. I still use ssh.


What keyboard are you using? If you are using an azerty keyboard then type linqro instead and change your keyboard settings.


Would be so much better if you would just use google.translate or applied a bit of logic to your questions



If you are from China, you can post in Chinese in the 中文 category.