Rock pi X wont boot bios bricked?

Hey I bought rock pi x like 2 years ago messed with bios and pretty sure bricked it. I know back then there was no way to fix without external hardware to reflash the bios…Has there ever been a fix found? Its just been sitting around and I was wondering if I could fix it??

I was looking around and seems like you still need to buy CH341a programmer and SOIC8 clamp lol. Kinda of dumb that you sell a product that alot of people bricked and cant do anything with it and the only fix is to buy another product. That is terrible marketing and I know I will never buy another product from this company. You should of had this tested before selling to retail and im sure you knew about it before selling it but would of lost money having to bundle the debugger. Def get lattepanda or udoo bolt. better product and actually works.

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also the wifi chip on this thing is trash and very hard to get working. I had it working in ubuntu and windows 10 but took so long to figure it out and when it finally worked it was slow af. manufacture used very poor components and the product is defective if you change 1 setting in bios its bricked forever with no help or support.

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I recommend that if you bought this product to file a report so companys like this can no longer import to the US or EU. Selling a defective product is illegal and not offering refund or any compensation and just listing to another product on amazon is not any help.

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My friend, did you ever find a way to return or refund your Rock Pi to AllnetChina or Radxa?