Rock Pi X - Tractor Pro 3 Test

Hi, I’m looking to buy the Rock Pi X just to run Traktor Pro 3. Would anyone running Windows 10 on their Rock Pi X install the Traktor Pro 3 demo and let me know if it will play a song, or even run?

Please someoneeeee lol

Where can I get the installer for this application ?

I assume pro is the paid version ?

I can try it for you as I no one replied.

Hello, as i have some times and some tests to do on my rock pi X, I’ve decided to download the Tractor Pro 3 Demo and to see how to use it.

First i’ve seen that they recommand a I5 processor for the software (so in my head there was this idea that there could be some slow-downs).
I’ve downloaded it and installed it easily, I have launched it, everything was OK in the use of the interface, i’ve seen no particular slow-down, but if i used it there was no sound and i don’t know this software at all.
I’ve decided to search and to configure it then i’ve chosen the audio output for the software, i’ve decided to use the audio jack, also I have selectionned Intel SST audio device (WDM) but at this moment there were some visual problemes (the systray in the windows bar was flashing) and still no sound, impossible to play something.
As i’ve worked and coded a personnal video/sound software, i’ve decided to test something else and to use a bluetooth speaker instead of the audio jack (because it seems there’s a probleme with the audio driver), and then I have some good results, a good sound, no particular slow down, but i’ve made only some simple tests, i’ve played 2 tracks and pass from track A to track B, i don’t have pushed the tests too far because it’s a demo.

So yes the software can be used, but the probleme with the Rock Pi X is the management of the sound. In a normal configuration of a personal computer, you can use a speaker through the hdmi, the jack output, the USB or the bluetooth.
I can’t use the hdmi to have some sound in Windows10 on Rock Pi X (only video is ok), with Tractor Pro 3 it seems i can’t use the jack output whereas with my personnal software it’s ok, with a bluetooth speaker it seems ok with tractor pro and maybe if you install a USB speaker maybe it will be OK also, there are some chances but it’s not certain too. Maybe if you want to know, i could try with some USB speakers and test it.

You can find in some other threads that we have some problemes with the management of the sound on the Rock Pi X under Windows 10.