Rock pi X Touchscreen

Hello all,

I have purchased a 5 in touchscreen and the display feature is working great but I have issues trying to get the touch aspect to work.

Here is a link for the one I purchased:

I am currently using a rock pi x B 4gb 32 emmc with a fresh version of ubuntu mate 18.04 installed. I have the screen plugged in via hdmi and attached at the GPIO pins. I am still unable to detect the touch screen even after working through the walkthrough at

I cannot run the xinput-calibration and if I try to calibrate from ubuntu settings it says that there is an error and does not detect any calibratable devices.

I did notice when I needed to install the drivers under the arm architecture what are the amd64 options for drivers and is this device compatible with the rock pi x B.

Thank you for any help you can provide!

I just wanted to update this post as I found the solution months ago! It turned out to be a bad usb-Micro power cable which is why the touchscreen function failed to work.

I feel so defeated! Always look for the simplest solutions.

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I’m glad you solved the problem. This way, you have confirmed that spi communication works fine. Did you use “logic level converter” during installation.

Fixed my typo it was a usb to usb-Micro cable that was bad. I did not use a “logic level converter” for this build. Thanks again for reaching out.