Rock Pi X - Setting up Date/Time and keeping it with RTC

Dear Community,

i purchased a Rock Pi X. On the board there is a “RTC” connector where you can place a Coincell battery with 3V.

Iam using a CR2450-2P 3V instead of:

  • Battery model: CR2032

When iam checking the RTC status with
cat /proc/driver/rtc
the “batt_status: okay” always appear.

It doesnt matter if i have a battery attached or not. the message is always the same.
Within the BIOS settings i couldnt find also anything useful.

I used to set the time with:
date --set=“10 SEP 2021 09:55:00”
and then
hwclock -w

when i check with:

The date is correct. If i know unplug the power of the device and start it again, he lost his time :-(.
Anyone has any idea what iam doing wrong?

Thank you very much in advance.

I have seen a ready to plug CR2450-2P like this one that has polarity reversed. See if this is your case.
I don’t know what happens to the circuit in such a case.


Correct wiring:

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Dear Avaf,

thank you very much for your response.
It seems you are absolutely right. The Polarity is reversed.

I re-arranged the polarity and it worked immidiately.
I also can confirm that plugging in wrong polarity it doesnt harm the device at all.

Problem is solved :-)!