Rock Pi X - Seemingly Stuck in Os Shutdown

The X is not Post’ing. I’m hoping there is a workaround.

I bought two 4-32 Rock PI X’s. I got one of the X’s fully installed (Win10Pro) and completely patched with all updates and drivers. The other X had the OS patches and drivers, but seemingly appears to be locked in “OS Shutdown” mode (where the blue LED is dimly lit). The X won’t boot-up anymore. It seems to go straight to the “dimly lit” mode very quickly after power up. Any suggestions on how to un-brick it?

When the blue led is dim, is there anything on the HDMI display?

I have three (3) Rock Pi X’s. Two (2) now have this problem. One is perfectly OK.

When the blue LED is dim (quickly after power up), there is no HDMI output. Also, the Num Lock light on the keyboard is not lit.

It appears to me, to be stick in POST.

I believe it is driver related, because both that are stuck, happened very quickly after having completed the windows install, and it occurred on the first one at the very end of updating the drivers that were downloaded from your site. The last one happened after trying to update the first driver, which I believe I tried updating the audio driver.

Could this be that the order the drivers updates, needs to be in a very specific order? If so, do you have any suggestions on what order it should be?

Lastly, what do I do with the two “stuck” Rock PI’s?