ROCK Pi X heatsink (earlier revisions)

Will this heatsink fit the earlier ROCK Pi X revision with removable EMMC?

Thank you


The eMMC is already considered.

Hi, @jack

Will the raised height of the EMMC (when mounted) interface with the heatsink?

As I see there’s a cut-out for the SMT inductor coil on the heatsink and both the SMT inductor coil and the EMMC comes to around the same height.

Oh… The heatsink takes into consideration the shape of the current layout, which has EMMC soldered on the board, no socket. So the cutout on the heatsink isn’t big enough for that version of the board.

Thanks for your reply.

So, the heatsink in the link above is only for the newer revisions and won’t support the older revisions with removable EMMC. Am I correct?

Seems that way. Maybe @jack knows if there’s another version of the heatsink. Otherwise, you’d have to ask a friend with a machine shop to see if they could alter the current one.

The heatsink comes with 4mm spacers, you need to measure the size of removeable eMMC.