ROCK Pi X Hardware documentation links broken

I can’t access several of the documents linked on

I checked all the links on the page; The following ones are “green” but not working.

v1.3 schematic ROCK Pi X v1.3 schematic
(Which i think should link to ROCK_Pi_X_V1.3_SCH_20200814.pdf)
CAM pdf
3D drawing


Thanks for your reminding, we will update it later.

Thanks for the reporting. Most links are fixed now, we now even uploaded the CherryTrail EDS(you can not find it elsewhere on the internet), the rest is under progress.


Seems like one the links on the page is still broken, but I could access the files directly from the subdomain.

3D drawing - 3D model of official heatsink
should link to

Thanks for updating it! :slight_smile:


Btw, you can actually register an account and edit the wiki if you think something should be fixed :slight_smile:

That’s why I like Radxa boards :smiley:

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