Rock Pi X Disponibility


When ALLNET China is going to sell more Rock Pi X? I tried to place a order, but they couldn’t tell me when the stock is going to be back. I need to know this to decide if we are going to use Rock Pi X in our product or migrate to another board

Same question here…
@jack @NBA Is a new batch on its way any time soon?

A limited batch will be available in 3 weeks. The supply of Intel chip is discontinued. We are not sure how many more we can produce next time.


Will it be available on ?

Please check with Allnet to make sure you order it. The ROCK Pi X is very limited supply right now. We started working the ROCK Pi X2 already to solve the supply issue.

This is great news!

Please ensure that RTC Wake and Wake On LAN features works on ROCK Pi X2.

They are strictly needed is you want to manage a fleet of devices (few hundreds/thousands) with an ease.