Rock Pi X Display Interface

Hi all.

I wanted to find information on the display connection interface that is in the Rock Pi X images, but did not find information on what kind of port it is.

I’d like to connect it to the CSI image capture interface found on many third party SBCs in order to implement KVM without HDMI.
The fact is that I use Windows 10 on Rock Pi X and if something goes wrong with this OS, then 99% need a display, mouse and keyboard. I want to solve this problem using KVM, like the PiKVM project.

The pikvm example uses an HDMI-CSI2 Bridge (TC358743) to connect the KVM to the display and Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W for KVM. For example this option I would like to avoid this solution and capture video directly from the Rock Pi X Display Interface. But I haven’t figured out how yet.

Unfortunately rock pi support did not help me with this decision. Here is their answer:

Unfortunately, no.

The ROCK Pi X display port is not compatible with zero2 w. I don’t why
you would do this but the ROCK Pi X consume the same level power as
the RPI zero 2w, it’s really not necessary.

Maybe someone already solved this problem and have some advice?
Thanks in advance for your reply!

Of course, there is a pinout diagram for this Display Interface, but I personally understand from it what kind of interface standard it is and how it can be connected to CSI.

It just describes the option of using the Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W as a KVM with special software, access via the Web, Keyboard and Mouse emulation.
This is what I would like to get, but without HDMI.

Just this interface interests me An LCD connector on 1.4?
Is it really MIPI DSI?

There is no CSI on ROCK Pi X.