ROCK Pi X - Custom/tuned Linux kernel

Big sigh of relief - managed to front-port the patches to 5.10(-rc4) tonight, which turned out to be even harder than 5.9. 5.10 is designated to be an LTS kernel, so even if future version become too hard to continue to support for GCC LTO, we can ride the LTS wave out on the Rock Pi X for awhile!

Same thing, will test some and wait for 5.10 release before publishing binaries.

Fantastic! Thanks a lot!

Maybe put your patches in a Github repo?

Thanks @tjcs90 for your efforts! Does the kernel you built contain lvm / device mapper modules?

I tried to boot my fresh Debian 10 installation with it, but it failed to an “Incompatible libdevmapper 1.02.155” error, which might be because I installed my system on top of LVM.

If that’s the case would you mind including LVM / device mapper (dm) support in your next build?

@tjcs90 would you be willing to share the kernel .config you used?

Any chance you’ll make an upgrade to 5.12?