Rock pi x cases


I would like to know if Raspberry pi 4 plastic cases could evenventually be used for the rock pi x.
I know that there is a diffrence in the hdmi ports (two mini-hdmi on the rpi 4), but with a little lumer work, maybe it is possible to adapte rpi 4 cases ?

Thanks a lot

Funny how I came to post here about an available case

The answer would be a definitive No.

The main issue is that cooling on the Rock Pi X is done under the SBC, while on a RasPi cooling would be done on top, since the main CPU for each is on opposite sides of the board. If you didn’t care about cooling, then you could make a RasPi 4 case work, cutting an opening for the full sized HDMI, but then your X would be thermal throttling all the time.

About the only “cases” you could currently use between the two are simple acrylic sheets on the top and bottom, using the existing pattern of standoffs, with sides that are open. Basically a “sandwich” type case.

I’d love to see a Flirc-style metal case though. It would reduce the height since the case is replacing the heatsink itself.

Would the acrylic “sandwich” type be of a Rasberry Pi ?

Not true. I don’t know about mechanical compatibility of Rock Pi 4 cases with the Rock Pi X, but it is entirely possible to have an enclosed case for both. Examples exist for sale on Allnet China, and I can personally recommend this 3D printed case for the Rock Pi 4, which allows the board to sit with the heatsink facing up to dramatically improve cooling:

Right, but the question was about modifying existing RasPi4 cases.

Hi everybody,

I’m a little bit disapointed because the Rock Pi X is saled a a “Raspberry Pi like form factor” but it isn’t.
Why selling an electronic board that seems to be like a Raspberry Pi, but in reality not ?

I designed a case for Rock Pi X with heatsink.


Ah, this looks very good! The case you based it off of is the best one for the Rock Pi 4, so I expect very good results from this!

I’ve designed a Rock Pi X case if you want : Rock Pi X Case