Rock Pi X board version 1.41 and Win10 WiFi driver not running

I just received the latest version Rock Pi X board version 1.41 board as marked and installed Windows 10 CU 21H1 OS to test. Loaded all the drivers and did all the updates.

WiFi is not working as it did with the version 1.4 version board after loading the existing drivers. I see in the Ubunto OS thread that the WiFi/Bluetooth chip has changed from an AP6255 to AP6254 on the latest version 1.41 board.

Are there new Broadcom WiFi drivers for Windows 10 available?

Looking at the 4345r6nvram.txt file it still has the original AP6255 WiFi chip information not the AP6254 info.

When will this be updated to use the AP6254 chip WiFi and BT with Windows 10?

I am having the same issue.

Checked the Windows 10 Hardware Ids for the Rock Pi X version 1.41 board and the AMPAK AP6254 chip is showing a VID=02d0 and PID=a9bf. If the Device ID of the AP6254 is supposed to be 0xa9be from the Linux version of the OS and Kernel update for this chip. I found the Linux AP6254 version nvram_ap6254.txt file, but it also has the 0xa9be chip ID. This is with no drivers installed for the AP6254 in Windows 10.

Any ideas?

I see the new file is added to the Downloads page for Rock Pi X. Will check this out tomorrow to see if this fixes the WiFi and Bluetooth on the version 1.41 board.

Just did the install for the AP6254 drivers on the 1.41 version board and WiFi and Bluetooth are now working. Will see what data rates I can get from WiFi.

hi can i ask how did you do that? possible to provide the steps for me to replicate?

I used the instructions on the Rock Pi X Download page with the AP6254 driver *.txt file and it worked.

Once you download and unzip the file then right click each *.inf and install them. Then follow the instructions in the *.txt file.