Rock Pi X 3D printed case STL File

I’ve started a case design for the Rock Pi X using a fan…

Please let me know what you think… any input would be appreciated, or design mods etc…

Ill be posting the finished design .stl on github and thingiverse … or iterations thereof…

Github Link

as it is, this isnt with the official heat spreader… but with a small one that I got from amazon that fits just on the chip.

*made a small change to the design to have mounting feet, and then moved the feet out of the way from the connectors…

*made a small change to include a 1/4 inch dia. breakaway hole for mounting the antenna.

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I went ahead and quickly printed the case and it mates with the Rock Pi X very well… if anyone has any comments on modifications… I’m all ears… :ear: :smiley:

Looks great, I may use it for a project of mine.

Personally, I’d prefer it to be better enclosed around the sides (with holes for ports), because I’m going to be using it in a setting where having the board be visible to end-users is asking for disasters…

@chabad360, I am planning on designing a companion piece that mounts to the board side… as it is, I have this running on POE… so I simply have an Ethernet connected. and this thing is screwed to a wall…
for reference this is what the underside looks like…

I did end up tucking the cable in a little tighter…

Also, the temps under moderate load ~20-50%… and 75F ambient… these are the temps…

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hello is the design complete? …I would like to ask a co-worker if he can print it for me.


By all means, please print away… I used a resin printer to print mine. The mounted piece is done (the one in the pics), and is hosted on the GitHub. I honestly haven’t had enough free time to complete the other half… as its been through several iterations, and none fit the need just right.

Thanks!! … Maybe you can incorporate a hole on top for the include antenna.

That is a really good suggestion! mine didn’t come with an antenna… where would you like said hole, aside just on top?

Yeah on the opposite side of USB/ethernet for side mount would be good besides the top as you can get a 45 degree antenna to it.

Can you print a metal case? A metal case serves as a heatsink and doesn’t need a fan.

Fair enough! I’ll research some dimensions, and get it drawn up!

Thanks for the suggestion!

Printing a metal case would be grand! However outside the ability of doing this myself, I would venture to guess 90% of diyers out there would be unable to as well, or at least cost prohibitive… not to mention I believe Radxa has a heat spreader already that they sale. But being an atom it will still run warm to rather warm depending on load…

Thank you for your time and work, its greatly appriciated

You can use a CNC machine instead of additive manufacturing.

ok, here we are!! I added a 1/4 inch knockout in the R2 design on My Github.

Please let me know if there are any other suggestions, or questions!

I agree, CNC would be easier and maybe cheaper in the long run… I’m all for making a new metal plate design/manufacture if you want to upfront a cost for a CNC machine…
just get the one that’s made already?

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How thick are the feet? I’m thinking of using magnets to mount this on the outside of my K40 laser.

I bought these for another project. 6mm = 0.24"

6mm dia by 2mm thick magnets

oh, im sorry I didn’t see your post… the feet are 2mm thick

Made some changes and updated post*

I have absolutely no problems with you using my design to assist your own. Please use, and share respectively is all I ask.