ROCK Pi Wireless Module A3

Hi Radxa team. Do we know when “ROCK Pi Wireless Module A3” will be back is stock?

You can try any USB-wifi dogle

All good, I have network connectivity. More that I am working on mainline kernel testing with the N10 and LibreELEC and would have liked to test the N10 with its wireless.

I am using my android phone as network device through its USB tethering

It’s in stock:

We are going to introduce A6 model which is WiFi6 in Q3.

Thanks Jack. Ordered. :slight_smile:

When the WiFI 6 is ready, that would be great too.

The N10 is running GBM LibreELEC now :slight_smile: (in addition to Mainline uboot and kernel), some remaining DTS issues, some sound issues, and NPU not yet accessible - :disappointed:.