Rock Pi S watchdog

Hi all,
I’m testing Rock Pi S on Ubuntu 18.04. The image is downloaded from Radxa wiki (Ubuntu Bionic).
Does anyone know how to use the hardware watchdog? RK3308 datasheet shows that hardware watchdog is on chip, but I don’t see a /dev/watchdog or information about watchdog in dmesg. Please help!
Thanks all,

Since recently we have changed the name of ROCK Pi S device tree, you need to update your u-boot and kernel to the latest version when the device /dev/watchdog is needed.

sudo apt-get install rockpis-rk-u-boot-latest # (>= 2017.09-02378-g6de46245e6)
sudo apt-get install -y rockchip-overlay
sudo apt-get install -y linux-4.4-rockpis-latest # (>= 4.4.143-40-rockchip)
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It works beautifully! I got /dev/watchdog.
(the 1st line installed the 3rd line already)
Thank you very much!