Rock Pi S v1.1 New user

I have message ALLNET is shipping for rock-pi-S v1.1 on Aug 1, 2019

My review of the wiki lists gpio info on Hardware V11, is that version v1.1 ?

There is a debian image in the downloads of the wiki, is that compatible with v1.1 ?

Yeah, that’s v1.1.

Fully compatible.

I am using the rockpis_debian_stretch_minimal_arm64_190806_0234-gpt,

everytime I connect to my home wifi it has a different MAC number. I have never seen this
before, my attempt was to use my dhcp router to lockin an assigned ip, however with a
changing mac address I can’t do this.

Is there a setting that fixes the mac address ?

I am facing the same issue. With both of my Rock Pi S.

Quite annoying

Actually I would recommend not to buy the boards right now. The software is not ready yet!
No sound working, DHCP issues, …

And it seems as if no one of Radxa is reacting to issues opened here.

Question on the two buttons ?

  1. the inboard button next to leds (sw9203) appears to be a reset ?

  2. the outboard (sw9204) seems un programmed in latest debian
    Is it the software “suspend” referred to as poweroff in ?
    or is it used for flashing the nand ?

It’s actually secure feature which usually disabled i believe, check this

That seems like where the solution would be, however this
is the original file from the image /etc/NetworkManager
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 98 Aug 5 22:33 NetworkManager.conf




Read whole article. NetworkManager.conf is not file you looking for, for now at least. Read “Global Default Configuration” part

Thanks , I’m a little slow sometimes … but this seems to stabilize the mac

created a file
sudo nano /usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/rock.conf


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Good, no idea why rand was default option, but oh well, at least it’s fixed

It was NOT really fixed, upon boot up my rockpis IS broadcasting and
assigning both an ethernet and a wifi dhcp assigned port for a period of time,
then the randomizer kicks in and assigns my ‘stable’ mac address.

then my router locks it into an ip number.

This is really not a good way run a railroad.