Rock Pi S v1.1 i2s - LRCK

Dear Radxa, community,

I’ve just received my Rock Pi S and it’s v1.1 (v11). I intended to use the i2s inputs and outputs but looking at the GPIO map there’s a change from v1.0 to v1.1 where the LRCK (I2S0_8CH_LRCK_TX) signal has been removed (header 1 pin 16). Is it a typo? If not, can anyone explain how we are supposed to use any of the i2s connection on this board without a single LRCK input or output? Am I missing something?


Hi, sax

I am sorry that indeed the LRCK is missing. You can check the reason in another thread.

Audio Support Rock Pi S

If you use analog mic, it’s possible with current hardware.