Rock pi S - RTC time not syncing

Hello Team,

I am using Rock Pi S hardware, yocto based OS as well as using RTC module for real date and time.
From my application (python) I writing the time wrong (1 hr Delay) and made NTP “Yes” from timedatectl. Device is having Internet connection. Initially it will not have internet, that’s why I am writing manually.
But the issue is, after connecting to internet, current time is not syncing from the OS. Still it was showing 1 hr delay time. I did reboot also.

Am I missing anything from system settings?
Please help me with this.

Thanks in advance.

What is your timezone? And what is the timezone on your Rock pi S? For me there is a “2 hour” delay with my own time, but that is because of the timezone difference not because the time is wrong.

You can execute this command in terminal:


Note the output at the end, it will show the timezone used.

Sun 14 May 2023 11:47:29 PM UTC