Rock Pi S - power via USB-C

I see that the Rockpi 4 can be powered with a raw 12v power feed into the USB-C PD connector - yay!

Reading the specs for the Rock Pi S, it appears the input needs to be 5v - can you confirm that is correct? If so, can I still use a barrel to USB-C connector to supply the power, just needs to be 5V?

Looking forward to being able to get a Rockpi S!

I think there is some drop via the buck and 5.2v minmum.

I much prefer the 12v 5.5mm barrel psu’s as there is a plethora of cheap splitters, adapters, in line switches and also you get a 12v rail which is also great.

You can put 5v direct to GPIO and power that way but think it drops .2 and a no via PD

5.2 - 20v but get a 12v

Is that also for the Rock Pi S?

The wiki page is pretty specific about it being 5v:

Ooops apols glad you questioned never noticed rockpiS somehow doh! apols rockpi4 I was refering to

No worries; I’m brand new to the Rock Pi ecosystem - looking forward to trying both systems, but sounds like the Rock Pi S is brand new too. :slight_smile:

Think you are the first post and took me by surprise :slight_smile:

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