Rock Pi S PoE HAT - doesn't seem to power anything


Is there anything that needs to be done or configured to get the Rock Pi S PoE HAT working, or is it just a plug and play kind of arrangement?

The Wiki suggests that it should 'just work"

" Software support - The PoE doesn’t require software to power and run."

I have just taken delivery of a Pi S and the HAT, connected them together, attached the unit to a PoE switch, and the board doesn’t power up. No lights no the Rock Pi, no lights (PoE or data) on the switch ports.

I’ve tested multiple ethernet cables and ports on the switch, and confirmed that those cables and ports successfully power up other PoE equipment, so it looks like something specific to the HAT.

Hello, what image do you use? Can you post a photo of Pi S?

Hey, thanks for replying.

Turns out that when ordering, I totally missed that some models of the Pi S support the PoE switch, and some don’t. So I made a mistake with the order.

I’m re-ordering a correct board.

The model with P in the model number such as D4P supports PoE.

Hi Jack thanks for the answer - is there any way to tell if a model is a model that ends in P by looking at the board directly? I bought several Pi S’ and mixed them all together (thinking i can visually see if they have Wifi, or 2/4Gb memory), but i don’t know how to see if it’s a model that ends in “P”