Rock Pi S PoE hat availability?

In the wiki it says the PoE compatible version needs an extra PoE hat, but I can’t find any more info on that, is there going to be a hat or is the idea to use a standard PoE module/converter connected to some pins on the board?


You sure didn’t look too hard;

Main page:

Purchase links:

I’ve purchased from seeed previously for other items (including custom PCB printing), and have found them to be reliable.

I think you didn’t notice that the topic was posted on the Rock Pi S category, the PoE hat you posted is way to big to be considered an option for a project with the S and I’m pretty sure wont fit in any way to the pins.

I actually found out about through Seeed Studios newsletter, but couldn’t find a PoE hat/module for it on their store.


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Hi, @oscarck

You are right. Currently we haven’t released the PoE HAT for ROCK Pi S. We are still not sure to make the standard 802.3af PoE or the passive PoE.

For standard 802.3af PoE, 48V, the cost is high. The PoE HAT will be higher than the ROCK Pi S itself. The other is passive PoE, the cost is lower, can be made within 10$, but not all switches support that. Also, if the user plug the passive PoE to a 802.3af switch, there is chance to burn.

So, which one do you prefer?

I don’t see the price as problem, it is actually the size of the Rock Pi S that makes it suitable for my project, actually if it had USB 3.0 and Gigabit ethernet it would have been exactly what I have been looking for a few years now. Haven’t heard of passive PoE, but I expect it is meant to feed the exact voltage the device needs and there is no step-down converter, definitely would go with the active PoE hat.




actually if it had USB 3.0 and Gigabit ethernet it would have been exactly what I have been looking for a few years now

We have it, soon. Check:

Dual ethernet(1000M + 100M) + USB 3.0 in small size.

Yes, passive PoE is 12V or 24V power directly from the switch. OK, I think we will go with standard 802.3af PoE HAT for the Pi S and Pi E now.

So close.
If it was dual-1000, it would really be something special.

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is there any update regarding the poe hat for the Rock Pi S ?
Would be interested in it, as it fits perfectly for my use case.

Best regards

While we wait for the HAT, has anyone tried using something like this:

To power a Rock Pi S PoE board yet?

Also, @jack my vote is definitely for the 802.3af.

any progress with the long awaiting PoE module for Rock Pi S? kindly help to confirm the date of release.

also, has anyone tried out the adafruit PoE module for Rock Pi S?

something like this definitely can work on ROCK Pi S. You need to make sure the pinout is right. It’s pretty straight forward.

Hello Jack, is there any plans to make a PoE 802.3af hat for the Rock Pi S?
If not I will be developing one on my own.

Thank you