ROCK Pi S is available now

Dear ROCK Pi community,

We are glad to announce that the new member of ROCK Pi family, the tiny, low power ROCK Pi S is finally shipping now.

After we first introduced the ROCK Pi S in the summer update, we got a lot of inquiries and feedback for the new little toy. There are some advantages of ROCK Pi S I would like to introduce:

  • Low Power.

Running Rockchip 4.4 kernel with Debian Stretch headless, the idle power is as low as 9mA@5V, you don’t need any heatsink for it.

  • USB C for 5V power and OTG

Compatible with QC or PD or dummy adapter, no CC design issue :slight_smile:
You can just power from the USB port on PC, laptop, without worrying not enough power.
ADB under Linux is supported so you can just use one USB C cable for power and debug console.

  • Same 26P GPIO as ROCK Pi 4 and compatible with Raspberry Pi1

The 26P color GPIO is redesigned to be exactly the same function as ROCK Pi 4, making it compatible with most of the Pi HATs.

  • Optional wifi/bt

Optionally, you can get on board rtl8723ds, supports 802.11 b/g/n wifi and bluetooth 4.2.

  • Optional PoE(additional poe hat required)

The P variant of ROCK Pi S can support PoE, which requires the PoE hat, which is still WiP. It will be 802.2af PoE hat, expect to be available next month.


Looks great,

When I can expect to by in Europe?

Pls post the link to the wiki and download page

Is the dimension of the board similar to other boards?

Are there cases that fits?


A batch of ROCK Pi S will arrive in Germany next Monday.

We will send you the link of corresponding product website.

You can also order it directly from Allnet China:

Is Rock PI S still in production? Allnet China has empty the 512MB stock without NAND flash.
Hoping it’s an active project: I love it (with 512MB ram, 256 is insufficient for many applications, expecially if using /tmp and /var/log on ramdisk to save MicroSD flash memory).
Thanks a lot!