Rock Pi S HAT header pins

Hi everyone,

I’m currently in the process of creating my own smarthome HAT for the Rock Pi S, with audio output, microphone input and Zigbee support.

Unfortunately, I’m struggling to find female header pins which are long enough for the HAT to sit above the ethernet port. Maybe someone who has the PoE HAT can take a closer look at how radxa solved it and let me know?

I’d be super grateful for any pointers in the right direction!


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Looking at this picture it looks like they took this or similar 40 pin connector and cut it to be exactly 26 pins.

Hey, thanks for the tip. Indeed it does look like that in that specific image, while in others it seems like they’ve managed to source something better:

Would you agree that it looks like they’re using 3 0.1’’ spacers?

Thanks again!