Rock Pi S for retro gaming?

Hey guys, I see a new ver of the Rock Pi S is coming out - I was wondering if anyone tried to use a pre-existing Rock Pi to run some emulation? If you did, how did it perform? Any issues?

It would be cool if these ran like SNES/PS1 games well… then I don’t gotta desolder so much stuff and cut so much stuff to make things fit xD.

Anyone’s input is very much appreciated, thank you.

ROCK Pi S doesn’t have GPU, but since stm32 can run snes I don’t see any issue running it on ROCK Pi S quad A35 cores.

Thanks very much Jack… I’m going to purchase 1 for sure, can’t wait for more stock to come!

Keep in mind that ROCK Pi S doesn’t have direct display interfaces, we support SPI 3.5 inch display without touch. Check:

Ah… I see, so how would one be able to set up the initial system?

Is it like… pre-load the OS, connect via ethernet, scan network for IP, and then try to connect via SSH for control?

We have the getting started page :slight_smile:

Basically, write image to uSD card, power from the PC/Laptop USB, access from the PC/Laptop and set it up, then connect from SSH.

AH! Perfect, thanks again Jack!