ROCK Pi S first impressions

I received my samples of Rock Pi S v1.1 and I like it. A nice low power consuming device.

There are some rough edges though :wink:

The LEDs are too bright, again! There were quite a few voices in the forum about power LED of Rock Pi 4 being too bright. Well, Rock Pi S’ LEDs are also bright as hell.
I am thinking about exchanging resistors on my Rock Pi 4 (0402) but will probably not have enough patience to redo 0201 resistors in Rock Pi S.

As a bonus power LED is controllable in Rock Pi S.

TSADC is not enabled by default. I prepared a PR enabling it and fixing its channels assignment in rk3308 device tree.

Mainline is non existent and will not be any time soon but that is not Radxa’s fault. I have spotted only a single group of patches enabling rk3308 CRU sent by Rockchip few days ago. Adding a whole device tree will for sure take some time.

There are no schematics of rev 1.1 in Radxa wiki.
@jack, @radxa can you share it?