Rock Pi S doesn't start due unsupported RAM chip (factory mistake?)

Hi there.

I bought 10 pcs of new RockPi v1.3. 9 pcs works fine but the one doesn’t boot. Serial console output shows problem with DDR DRAM. This one has installed “Hynix” memory chip, but other 9 pcs have “UniIC” chip soldered.Is there solution to update CPU firmware or something else?

Serial console output:

DDR Version V2.06 20211109
CHIP ID = 0x00003308
Fail to detect DDR type.
ERROR: sdram_init FAIL!


The Uniic and the Hynix chip should both supported. But from the log:

DDR Version V2.06 20211109

The loader is the latest version. Can you take a picture of the rk3308 chip on both boards? If both rk3308 chips are the same, I suspect the UniIC chip ROCK Pi S is dram defective.

Thanks for reply.

This problem exists for the board equipped Hynix memory.