Rock PI S Allnet china -- 3 years old ! -- no kernel v5

I have read that Rock PI S is quite a good SBC for my purposes.
On github there is:

Rockchip released a new SoC revision (RK3308B-S) in 2021, and boards produced in and after 2022 are based on this revision. Existing images will not work correctly on this newer chip unless they are updated to include the support.

So I went to official Radaxa page, then to “Where to buy”, then to Allnet China.
I ordered.

And what I’ve got? They have send version from 2019, and no images work on linux kernel 5. I need that kernet for libgpiod and gpiod packages to work with my software.

Do you know of any Debian release for my Rock PI S that works with linux kernel 5 version?

My version (bought in 2022-08 – August 2022 – from Allnet China):



This image doesn’t work:

and this is my Rock PI S bought in 2022 from AllnetChina:

Try Armbian:

It worked. Thank you.