Rock Pi S 4Gb not boot from nand

4gb Nand flashing completed without errors.
When I try to boot Rock Pi S from nand there is no output to console and heartbeat led does not blinking.
From sd card Rock Pi boot successefuly.
How I can check nand for errors?

Hi, @marvin21

Can you take a picture of your ROCK Pi S, is it the S version RK3308?

the same problem takes to me

I got the same problem. Rock Pi S v1.3 cannot boot from NAND, but boots from SD Card.


Is there any solution?


Same issue with my 4GB NAND device.
My chip says RK3308B

Flashing completes successfully, I am using the provided ubuntu image. Loader downloads, then image finishes. When I reset, the device is right away in MASKROM mode again and never boots. No blue LED, no NIC lights.

Works fine when booting from SD card.

I am flashing this from Windows, using the imaging tool v2.86.

loader I am using: rk3308_loader_ddr589MHz_uart0_m0_v2.06.136sd.bin
image I am using: rockpi-s-ubuntu-focal-server-arm64-20220308-0852-gpt.img

Is this a faulty board? Seems a few people having this issue with the 4GB model. Replacement required?

:tada: Edit:

I was able to get the board to boot & running Debian fine using the following image: rockpis_debian_buster_server_arm64_20210924_0412-gpt.img.gz

which is located here:
Release rock-pi-s-v20210924 · radxa/rock-pi-s-images-released · GitHub

There are newer releases here:
Releases · radxa-build/rockpi-s · GitHub
I didn’t try these, they weren’t linked as individual images on the downloads page which is a bit annoying.

The newer images may have more luck anyway. The downloads page makes it very difficult to see that what they are linking are images that are way out of date, you need to visit the Github repo to find that they are linking to a repo they have themselves declared as outdated.