Rock Pi not installing neither Windows nor Ubuntu

Hi there. It´s Jesus. I´m new here. I just got my Rock Pi 4/32 GB some days ago and I was trying to install any operating system. It doesn´t really matter wheter I get Windows or Ubuntu but I guess with 32 Gb Ubuntu will be more suitable, so that´s what I´ve done. The thing is that I plug a USB-C charger (with outputs 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1,5A) and blue light turns on, but green LED lights dim. I´m able to access to the BIOS by holding DEL key in the keyboard but when I select my USB in the boot options, it does literally nothing. The screen goes dark. Do you figure out what it´s going on? May be it´s any power issue?

Thanks you in advanced!

when I select my USB in the boot options, it does literally nothing

Mostly like the USB disk doesn’t contain bootable OS images.

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I have followed the instructions from the tutorial. Actually, with the same USB and image i’m able to boot from my personal computer…

For bootable Windows USB disk, there are two formats, the legacy one and the UEFI boot. ROCK Pi X can only support the UEFI boot. Is your bootable disk made from the following instructions?

As I said, I decided installing Ubuntu since I got the 4/32Gb board. The following are the steps I have followed in order to get Ubuntu 20.04LTS installed:

Identify my USB as /dev/sda:

Build the iso image of Ubuntu 20.04 in this USB:

Once I got here, I plug everything to my board and the screen goes back again when I select the USB in the boot menu. Now I’m afraid at some point I changed the configuration of the BIOS by accident and I screwed everything up…

By the way, this is the appearance my board has when I plug the USB-C. Is this normal? Shouldn’t the green LED shine more?

Hey there. Any suggestions, please?

I suggest you update the bios to the default setting by flashing the BIOS in the UEFI shell.

I can’t do that either because when selectin the option “UEFI: Built-in EFI shell” in the “Save & Exit” inteface, my screen goes dark again… I guess this behaviour it’s not normal. There must be something wrong with my Rock Pi and I don’t know what it is.

Thanks for your help.