ROCK Pi N10 NPU driver update - Fedora 28

Hello I bought a Rock Pi N10 and plan to use its NPU for AI applications.
I saw under Fedora repo RKNN and RKNN-toolkit manual are more detail so I follow below installed them

Turned out to me that of 10 times start, 8 times NPU will be detected as
with expected value, only 2 times as

I thought maybe it is due to old driver ?! I found my driver version is rather old
please any one who knows kindly tell me how can I update the driver,
also, I download and installed RKNN / RKNN toolkit 1.3 as latest one, it displayed 1.2…

Hello, try the following:

wget -O
sudo unzip -o -d /
sudo reboot

Hello, setq, thank you for quick reply.
I download the zip seems there is something wrong in the zip file,
anyway after the process and reboot, the issue still there, find NPU as 2207:180a

The file may not be downloaded completely.

ls -l
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 16696704 Jan 15 00:13

Hello setq:

per your suggestion, I successfully updated the driver.
however it is still 0.9.9.
also, the issue still exist, lsusb show 3 kind of output.

  1. 2207:1808
  2. 2207:180a
  3. both 1808 and 180a shows
    and my progrom still got around only 1/5 execute, other times it shows error
    below are 2 imges, One is successfully, One is even NPU detected as 1808, it still fail to run