Rock Pi N10 Model A - 4GB or 3GB for CPU?


I’m studying to buy the Rock Pi N10 Model A, which is described to have a combination of 3GB of RAM for CPU +1GB for NPU in some places (like SeeedStudio), and 4GB +1GB on other places (Ali Express).

And looking in the “official” reference at Radxa, the Model A should be 3GB+1GB.
Could be the case that there is an updated model?

Which one is correct?

André Curvello

model A: 3GB+1GB
model B: 3GB+3GB
model C: 4GB+4GB

you might want to see zoegyBrix’s comment

Thanks @ynjiun.

Is it possible to change this assignment?

not sure what you mean by “change this assignment”

But to my knowledge the CPU and NPU memory are not shared thus it’s not possible to change, for example, from 3GB+1GB to 2GB+2GB by user software. (May be by firmware? not sure…)

Hi @ynjiun,

What I mean by “change this assignment” is if it’s possible to determine which amount of memory will be allocated for CPU and NPU.

So the sellers announcing the RockPi N10 “5GB” version are wrong?

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André Curvello

if model A: CPU 3GB and NPU 1GB and this is fixed by the model (firmware?) not user changable.

see zoegyBrix’s comment the 5GB version might be wrong

NOTE: For model A+, please use the firmware of model B&C. Model A firmware(3GB CPU ram) is different from the other three models.

All the Model A produced after Dec, 2020 are actually A+ version with 4GB ram for CPU and 1GB ram for NPU.

Just added it to the wiki:

The ram assignment is fixed by hardware as it is, not shared. So you can not change it.

Thanks, @jack!

I think that the one I’ve ordered may be a RockPi N10 A+, then.

Let’s see, once it arrives.

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André Curvello

If I knew it earlier, better opted to A+ and an 128 GB NVME+wireless card instead