Rock Pi N10: Image build instructions

I see that new images were posted today for the Rock Pi N10. Yay, thank you! (PS: what changed? The changelog is empty other than version bump of kernel and u-boot).

I have an N10 model B. I’ve been successful at cross-compiling custom Debian images using the instructions at:

However, that gives me a Debian Stretch (v9) image, rather than Buster (v10) image. Also, I know that there are differences in the model A versus B/C images - but this build process doesn’t seem to take account of that.

Could you please document the process used to build the newest released images and describe the differences between the A and B/C images?

I’m happy to submit some patches to help fix some of the issues with this board - but need to get on the same page. I don’t see anything branches in the rockchip-bsp repo related to the newer Ubuntu/Debian images, so suspect there are some manual steps involved?