Rock Pi e3 Debian Bullseye CLI build not booting - used BSP/rbuild to make rock-pi-e3_debian_bullseye_cli.img

Dear Radxa,

I have a Rock Pi E v1.21 board and I have unfortunately not been able to get an image to boot that was built using BSP and rbuild (latest source for both).

When I write image to SD Card and power-up the board, the green LED light turns on solid but the blue LED does not light up at all.

I have installed BSP and rbuild under the same parent directory ie: /home/user/repos/bsp and /home/user/repos/rbuild.

In the /home/user/repos/bsp/linux folder, I had to do “mv .rk3328 rk3328” to enable rk3328 Linux Profile.

In the /home/user/repos/bsp/u-boot folder, I had to do “mv .rk3328 rk3328” to enable rk3328 u-boot Profile.

In the /home/user/repos/rbuild/configs folder, I had to do “cp rock-pi-e.conf rock-pi-e3.conf” to enable rbuild rock-pi-e3 product.

I have used these command lines to build an image for RK3328 rock-pi-e3 :

./bsp -c -C u-boot rk3328 rock-pi-e3
./bsp -c -C linux rk3328 rock-pi-e3
./rbuild -c rk3328 rock-pi-e3 cli

I did notice this Error in the logs when building u-boot:

Packaging U-Boot with Rockchip Miniloader
Using rkbin rk3328_ddr_333MHz_v1.19.bin as TPL
Warning: SPL image is too large (size 0x7800) and will not boot
Error: image verification failed
Using rkminiloader rk322xh_miniloader_v2.50.bin

I then switched to rk3328_ddr_333MHz_v1.16.bin which stopped the error but, the Rock Pi E still did not boot.

After rbuild had finished, I found that I had a 6.4GB file called: rock-pi-e3_debian_bullseye_cli.img

I then used dd to write that file out to SD Card and then tried that in the Rock Pi E board but does not boot.

The Rock Pi E board does boot and runs ok with latest Debian pre-built image so, the board is working ok.

If possible, could you please see if there is anything that I may be doing incorrectly or if there may be any steps that I may have missed?

Thanks very much!