Rock PI E - Instant Boot to Ram

Hi Everyone,

Is there a way to configure the rock pi e for an instant boot? with a copy from rom to ram?

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OpenWrt for ROCKPI E boots in less than 30 seconds from ether SD Card or EMMC.

This is for the following use case:

  • Abrupt poweroff: Since the hard disk is only momentarily used in read-only mode during boot, then never touched again, there are few or no negative consequences of an abrupt poweroff. If a system is used where power is inconsistent, or the system is regularly used in a context where fast shutoffs are required, this is very handy.
  • Privacy: Anything you do in this session are lost when you reboot or power off. This is great for kiosks or other systems where permanent modification are not desired.

The link I have found:

Does anyone has a guide to do it?

Thank you

Not Ubuntu, but does what you are looking for: