Hi All,

I am just struggling when trying to order next batch of boards. Distributor (AllNet not yet came back with information, but I am paniking :-0)
I hope at least there will be a “last order” option to help me over one or two years…

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ROCK Pi E is still keeping supply, we had introduced ROCK Pi E v3.0 recently with DDR4 and on board eMMC. Please check with Allnet or contact Radxa directly.

Hi jack!

MANY THANKS for quick reply. I was a little in a panik, as I am just doing a 2nd product design around the RockPi E…

I will crosscheck with them.

Kind Greetings from Europe!


Hi, Marcovaldo

The change will not affect your design since the changes are all Pi E itself:

V1.0: DDR3 with eMMC module
V2.0: DDR4 with eMMC module
V3.0: DDR4 with on board eMMC

Hi Again,

Many thanks again!
I only was aware of 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 versions from the wiki.
I am very happy that this is a live and further developed product!
And I am totally impressed not only by the technical stuff, but also by
quick answers and great dedication to product quality and customer support and
customer satisfaction of Radxa!

Kindest Regards,