Rock Pi E Boot options?

Hello everyone,

I would like to understand what are the boot options for Rock Pi E.

It is written that we can boot from uSD card or eMMc, but we would like to write the image to eMMC module from the uSD on the board, as it is written here on “Step 3” : for the Rock Pi 4
Is that possible with Rock Pi E ?

If someone knows other ways to flash the eMMc without an extra adapter, just by the actual ports on the board (USB?) it would be helpful.

Many thanks

@Sacha eMMC appears in /dev/ as standard mmcblk*. Eventually sd*.

In this case mmcblk0 will be whole drive (starting at MBR) and mmcblk0p1 will be first partition (starting at boot sector). You may not see any partitions if they weren’t created.

Installing from USB to eMMC is possible, with dedicated cable, check: