Rock Pi E anntena connector

I got Rock PI E (D8W2) and I am using Ubuntu image.
I try to use Wifi (2.4Ghz), but the signal is very weak.
I would like to buy external antenna.
My question is, what is the official name of antenna connector?
Is it called IPEX ? or IPEX G1?
I guess IPEX connector has some different size and/or shape.
So I don’t know which one to chose.
Thanks in advance!

The one I bought and have connected to my Rock Pi E is labeled U.FL IPEX. I searched for u.fl when shopping for it.

Thanks for the info. I would like to search it with keyword as “U.FL IPEX”.

Search for u.fl ipex to SMA

For the D8W2, you’ll need a dual-band antenna (not necessarily if you’re only going to use 2.4Ghz).

Some sellers also included a pigtail connector when you purchase wifi antenna from them.