Rock PI 4C, when will it be in stock?

In october I read about the new Rock PI 4C and they wrote that it should be released in november 2019 and after that info nothing has been written about the 4C.

Anyone who has some news?
( I’m gonna buy som 4B’s 4gb but if the 4C is coming… )

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Stefan Björklund

In comment section, that last information we have

NOV 21, 2019
The boards are unfortunately not ready for mass production yet. There are still some issues to be solved. Our release schedule was a bit too optimistic… :frowning:

I would say - too many projects in work at once (4c, E, X and unknown Rock Pi which aka Zero), so it’s not yet there. Maybe in month, but here we have Corona-2019 around, so it’s gonna postpone a lot of things

Yes, the Corona-virus is widely known these days… You can avoid the virus and cure you with Corona-Beer instead of working with others. :wink:

Projecting HW and be compatible with SW is like working in the cloud, you’ll never know what happens next. I wish you luck with virus-situation and the development work.

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ROCK Pi 4C is ready for massive production now. It should be available in 6 weeks. Considering the virus, the time will postpone but we will try to catch up.