Rock Pi 4C Plus - This device isn’t play protect certified

Hi community,

I have installed the Android build from the Radxa download page onto a new Rock Pi 4C plus.

I am constantly receiving the following error message “This device isn’t play protect certified” and as a result none of the Google suite of apps will run.

How do I resolve this lack of certification for the Rock Pi 4C Plus?

Thank you.

You can self-certify it; go here and click “register your device”.

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Fix Play Protect not certified on Pi type boards running Android:

  1. Install the Device+ID.apk file, on the RockPi, from (you must allow applications from unknown sources).
  2. Run Device+ID on the RockPi.
  3. In Notepad, on a computer, enter the 16 digit Google Services Framework Android ID (not the Android Device ID).
  4. On a computer, go to and paste in the Google Services Framework Android ID, check “I’m not a robot,” and click “Register.”

Followed this, alas it says it’s already registered but it still does not allow services. Could it be something in how this image is prepared? Duplicate IDs across all ppl using the image freaking google out?

Edit: Long press over the ‘GSF’ value said it could potentially be changed on factory reset so I did that and got a new ID. I registered the new value with Google, waited, no change. Power cycled the device, still not certified for Play Protect.

Is there a wait period? Why is none of this info included for users to read when trying to start using Android on Rock SBCs, or has it not been forthcoming but it is there somewhere?