Rock pi 4c plus password not working

Hi all
I am new here. I have just purchased a rock pi 4C plus and have added the Ubuntu mate desktop to it and it asks for a password. The username is rock and I would expect that the password is rock but when I enter it, the screen goes black and then comes back to the login screen again. So it appears that it does not actually login correctly. I have used the command line to activate the Wi-Fi also. Does anybody have any clues as rock and rock do not work?

“Ubuntu mate” is not enough information. Specify the image you used, then someone might be able to help.

try this:
user: radxa
password: radxa
it’s the default login for debian and ubuntu server images for the Rock 4C+.

And by the way, how are you able to install Ubuntu MATE on Rock 4C+? As far as I know, only available linux images for Rock 4C+ are Debian (in XFCE and KDE) and Ubuntu Server. Where did you download that image?

Hi guys ,thank you for your replies.
Here are the details for all the downloads and passwords I used. The password radxa did work on the Debian install but not the Ubuntu server install. The Ubuntu server install required login rock , password rock every time
I have the android, Ubuntu, and Debian versions all on different micro sd cards.I have wiped the Ubuntu micro sd card and repeated the install 2x in case I made a mistake the first time
Thank you
This is the link to the page where I downloaded Ubuntu server 20.04 from

Rock pi link for downloading and installing Ubuntu mate core and desktop on the okdo rock pi version of Ubuntu server 20.04,desktop,-Install%20all%20the
Another link will follow as I am only allowed to post 2 links because I am a new member

Here is the other link

This is the password that I used as radxa / radxa did not work even before I installed Ubuntu- mate-core and Ubuntu -mate-desktop

ROCK PI password link

Ok, but how you were able to update your Ubuntu server to a desktop if you could not login? So do I understand right, you could login at the console (or ssh), but not in the graphical login, right?

Yes, I was able to login at the console and everything worked at the console, but I much prefer to use a graphical interface so when I did the gui installation I could not do everything in the same order as it is set down on the wiki page but I did install everything required but just in a slightly different order.
When you look at the wiki page, installing the core and the desktop come first, and then there are a number of other things that need to be installed as required items. Because I could not install them, after installing the graphical interface, I installed them first in the console, and then I installed the Ubuntu core, and after that, I installed the Ubuntu desktop, but it will not log me in correctly with the password.