Rock PI 4C Plus: Android and DJI Remote (Mavic Pro)


Could you please help me to setup Rock PI 4C Plus (Android) and DJI Remote?
I have installed Android to Rock PI 4C Plus and DJI Software (DJI GO4), but the software does not see connected DJI (Mavic Pro) remote control. The DJI remote is connected to OTG Rock PI port via USB-A/USB-A cable.

I tried similar setup with Raspberry PI 4 and got it working: as soon as DJI remote is connected - the system asks which application to launch (USB-C OTG port is used at Raspberry PI 4).
But Rock PI 4C Plus does not ask to launch application and if start application manually - the application shows Disconnected status.

Using the same USB-A/USB-A cable I can use adb from PC and see logs from Rock PI Android - so the port and cable suppose to be OK.

Could you please help me to get the setup working? I saw that similar setup was used with non-plus Rock PI 4C board.



I have a similar situation. I wanted to connect the drone to the monitor using a simple Remote Control, but Android 11 for 4C Plus “does not see” the connection, although a connection message is displayed in the UART. Could it be a problem with the cable type?
Have you resolved this issue? On which version of RASPBERRY ( Raspberry PI 4 Model B 4 GB ?) did you manage to connect the RC and using what cable?

Remove the remote from the otg usb and use a standard usb instead maybe?

For me the otg is a bit hit and miss.

The DJI Remote Control works as Host and only the Device can be connected to it.
The board’s response connection (in the log via the UART).
But it seems to me, that the Android build for 4C+ is unsuccessful…

At Rock 5b DJI controller works connected to USB-C port.