Rock Pi 4c - no ethernet

somehow ethernet stopped working on any images I’ve tried.
Also, even without SD card and eMMC card on board - if I power rockpi - one led on Ethernet port (yellow) is on.
the same behavior with connected card and booting image - yellow led in on but no ethernet in OS.

Is it normal situation that yellow led is on with powered board?

UPD: yellow led is ON even if lan cable disconnected.
so I think it is some HW issue.
Is there any info how to check circuit and-or check some components on PCB to know what is broken and maybe replace it?
any advices would be helpful.
thanks in advance.

First, make sure your board is 4C. Recently we changed the ethernet phy from 8211E to 8211F because of the chip shortage and EoL. For 8211E, if powering on without software run, it’s definitely hw issue.

it is “ROCK PI 4C v1.2” according to letters on PCB.
so chip is 8211F?

Take a picture of the ethernet phy chip, 4C v1.2 should be 8211E.

it is 8211C

is it possible that RTL chip has been broken after running “wrong” image - I’ve compiled couple Armbian Hirsute images for 4C and tested it on my board…
And during first run I noticed that LAN is not working and decide that it maybe because of new image.
And then I realized that Lan now working at all…

Hi, @d00m78

Can you use the following command to get the Ethernet Phy ID?

cat /sys/devices/platform/fe300000.ethernet/mdio_bus/stmmac-0/stmmac-0:00/phy_id

Here 0x001cc915 is the phy id of RTL8211E.

sorry for late answer.

output of your command is:


and RTL chip very very hot!!!

how do you think - if I replace new chip - will it fix my issue?

Yes, using phy RTL8211E would fix your issue.

thank you
I suppose I need QNF-48 package?
like this:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_&item_id=32837618293&sku_id=65161992723

I am sorry for the trouble, I really can not imagine how it happened and how this one pass the QC. We will just ship one replacement chip to you.

thank you!
Im really appreciate your support)
I’m from Russia, so I think it would be faster for me to order chip in Aliexpress. it should take about two weeks for shipping,
I just need confirmation that this chip should be QNF-48 package like on link above.
but if you wiling to send me it - I’m would very grateful for it.